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KawanaLife: Publications


KawanaLife is by no means a publishing house, but we do have a couple of print items that may be of interest to you:

  • We have a weekly newsletter that keeps our people informed across a range of activities and dates for the coming week and near future. This includes information helpful for those who are part of our church, or interested in what we are about. This newsletter is now also available as an eNewsletter, emailed directly to your inbox each week. If you would like to be included in our mail list please contact us.

  • Each week our newsletter also includes a 'thought for the week' type article called the 'Pastor's Pen'. This is usually a thought based on the message from our celebration and helps to keep that message in mind throughout the week. To view the latest Pastor's Pen click here.

  • As we are a church who aims to be a part of our community, we are involved in putting together 'Welcome Baskets' aimed at welcoming new people to the area and helping them get to know what facilities, community groups, activities etc are available in the area. KawanaLife includes a small brochure outlining who we are and what we do in our local community. This more generic brochure is a great way to introduce ourselves to our new neighbours and hopefully offer an activity or service that will be useful.


Copyright is an important issue in today's society and KawanaLife willingly produces material in accordance with copyright law. As such, some of our print materials contain images that are used under creative commons licensing. As part of the terms of use for these images we are required to give appropriate attribution to the owners of these images and to provide a link to that image or their resource material. We are happy to do this and thank each producer for making their work available for use. Our attribution information can be found below for images that have this requirement.

For more information about Creative Commons Licensing, please visit the website at www.creativecommons.org.


Ministry Brochure:

  • "Coffee Steam 1" by Waferboard - click here to view.
  • "Family Jump" by Evil Erin - click here to view.
  • "Family Portrait" by LuisArmandoRasteletti - click here to view.
  • "Glasshouse Mountains" by Bertknot - click here to view.
  • "On A Roll" by Pete - click here to view.
  • "Open Bible With Pen" by Ryk Neethling - click here to view.
  • "Pout" by Dan Foy - click here to view.
  • "Pure Soul" by David Robert Bliwas - click here to view.
  • "Sea Breeze" by Petra - click here to view.
  • "Serious Guitarist Iz Serious" by Frederic De Villamil - click here to view.
  • "Sweet Old Kiss" by janelhonopol - click here to view.
  • "The Group" by The Arches - click here to view.
  • "Tonights Dinner" by Christopher Aloi - click here to view.
  • "DSC_0498" by The Global Orphan Project - click here to view. This image has been cropped.
  • "Friends. Kodak tri-x 400" by Marion Klein - click here to view.
  • "Kids" by gemteck1 - click here to view. The image has been cropped.
  • "Toyota Power" by tracer.ca - click here to view.

Service Times


  • Morning Celebration: 9:30am  includes Children's Ministry during school terms 

1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month

  • K2: 6 - 8pm, includes a shared meal and interactive, discussion based learning for young people through to the 'young at heart'.