Pastors Pen – Who are we?

Kawanalife: who are you?

  • Are you just a gathering of people on a Sunday Morning?
  • Are you older or are you younger?
  • Do you work, go to school or do you live the retired life?

KawanaLife: We are a group of people who come together on a Sunday morning to Praise our God, listen to a good ‘word’ and enjoy each others company. We are groups who meet in people’s homes to pray and study the Bible. We are a group of mums and kids who meet on a Monday Morning and are greatly blessed by those in blue shirts. We are a variety of teams who give out bread and take coffee to those in need. We are those who love 4WD and meeting on a Wednesday night to share a meal and God’s word. We are the children who go upstairs and learn. We are the young people who meet on a Friday night and have fun and share our faith in Jesus. We are all this and so much more.


Pastor Dony Johnson