Pastor’s Pen – Who Do You Trust?

Today let us start with a question – can you pick the movie this line comes from?

“Do you trust me? Do you trust me? Then juuuump.”

One of the biggest questions or needs in our society is that of trust. Who do you trust? Do you trust God? Could you say with 100% certainty, without a shadow of a doubt, that you would do anything and everything that He would call you to do?

Living on the Sunshine Coast, we have to be aware of the dangers of going out in the surf. Can you tell where a rip is at the beach? If you got caught in one do you know what to do?

Letting a rip take you out is an action of “trust” – trust that it will eventually stop taking you to New Zealand and you will be able to swim back into shore. Walking with Jesus each and everyday is a trust exercise. He calls us all to live by faith. A massive challenge for us all, so lets help each other on the journey.

God Bless,


Pastor Dony Johnson