YWAM adventure

Hey KawanaLife Family!!

I am super excited to announce that I am offically going to the Philippines for my outreach!! So excited and happy that I am going there and can’t wait to see what God is going to do in all of that time!

Lets just say it has been a full on 2 and bit weeks here. God has definitely showed up to completely wreck and change our lives. It has been amazing so far have had some really good speakers. Basically what happens every week is that we start of with a worship session with everyone and wow…you can feel the presence of God in that time like fire in front of your face, it is so strong and powerful. Then after that we have a practical learning class, then lecture and then sometimes small groups with you track or prayer time. So my DTS is Fire and Fragrance and my track is Compassion Ablaze which focus on social injustice and those who have no say or no right (women who have be abused, refugees, sexual abuse, homeless). We also have a work duty, which happens from Monday-Friday from 3-5pm. My work duty is the Grounds, I will be weeding and cleaning up that garden and everything. It is tiring work but so fulfilling afterwards to see what that area looks like (so beautiful and worth it).

So the first week we have had a speaker called Andy Byrd and he is an amazing man of God. He has been in YWAM for 19 years now and has such a heart for the broken to become changed. This weeks Lectures have been focused on intimacy and the culture of revival. There was a lot that I personally got from that week but the main one was through the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15). We looked at the fact that there are so many times that God is just waiting staring at the horizon to see us walking back to Him, waiting for us to return to where we all truly belong – to come home. God is 100% pure, there is no fault to Him and He truly loves us even past the stench of our lives and the filth of our sin. He goes past those things and embraces us fully for we can never unbecome a son.

The second week we had Joanne Moody who is a super spiritual women and lets just say a lot of stuff happened, the Holy Spirit showed up that week. But unfortunately I didn’t get to go much during that week cause I came down with a cold (Bronchitis) and am only getting better now.

So much more has happened but stay tuned for the next update!!

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