The Bible : God’s Word

At KawanaLife we have several Home Groups that meet on different days and at different times, we have K2 on the first and third Wednesday nights of each month, and we have our Sunday Morning Celebration.  One thing they all have in common, apart from the fact that the people who are there are just awesome, is that at each one we read the Bible, we study the Bible. Why? Why is the Bible so important? Is it because we are Baptists and are meant to be “the people of the book”?

Why did God give us the Bible? We understand that the Bible is God’s Word, but why did He give it to us? Why did God decide to speak to us in the first place?

And if the Bible is God’s Word, what is its purpose? Is reading it just something we are “meant to do”? Tick the box, I have read the Bible today therefore I am a good disciple of Jesus? And what if I don’t read the Bible today?

So many questions.

For myself, I just want to know God’s Word more, and see it working in and through my life. Join me as we learn more about following Jesus.


Pastor Dony Johnson