Time has come…Philippines here I come!!

Hey KawanaLife Family,

So sorry it has taken so long to actually write something to you guys. It has been such a full on time here, like I never could have imagined loving God or anything in that matter as much as I do now. God has shown me so much and completely wreaked me and put me back together. Best way to describe it is I feel like I am in snow globe. Sometimes I am completely fine and on a smooth trip (the snow is just chilling on the floor) but then Gods like nope time to shake everything up (the snow is everywhere). It is so amazing how much he has taught me and just met me where I am.

I am officially leaving for the Philippines at 4:30am tomorrow (27th of March). Going to be an insane 10 weeks!! I don’t fully know what the team is doing over there but I do know that we will be doing discipleship schools in High schools as well as street evangelising and hopefully going to hospitals and just praying for healing. So we arrive in the Philippines at 9pm and will be going straight to bed, the next day we are meeting our contacts, buying food and getting to know the area. The next day is when we are actually going through what our contacts want us to do as well as what we want to (or feel what God wants us to do). So I will try and update you guys when I actually know what is fully going on. I will have Wi-Fi but only once every week, if that.

Please pray for safe travels as well as health over the whole team when we are there. God is definitely going to show up and shake that nation!! It is going to be so amazing!! Thank you again for all the support you guys haven given me, it has been so very much appreciated!!

I will try and update you guys at least once when I am in the Philippines but I am unsure if I will be able to. But hope all is going well for you guys and can’t wait to share all the incredible stories that have happened so far.