Kingdom of God

When I was looking at buying a 4wd it seemed every second car on the road was the one I was looking at. At the moment, as we look into the Kingdom of God it seems every second Bible reading has something about it. It was certainly something Jesus taught about a lot, and saw as important. For example, Acts 1:3b, ‘He (Jesus) appeared to them over a period of 40 days and taught them about the Kingdom of God’. Now that is pretty significant; the last 40 days that Jesus was teaching, Luke keeps writing about the Kingdom of God. Why?

So as followers of Jesus, we are to not only know about the Kingdom of God, we are to seek after it, and to see it being worked out in and throughout our daily lives. How is that working for you? It is something incredible and inescapable for me. I pray that we will all see God ruling in and through our day to day.

God bless you as you follow Jesus.


Pastor Dony Johnson