‘What’ does not inspire

Why do you get out of bed each morning?

Honestly, some days at my house it’s because the dog needs to pee!

It’s easy to get busy in ‘what’ we are doing. But ‘what’ does not inspire. I know that sounds strange because they are often very important or even noble things. However, people are not inspired by what…they are inspired by WHY!

Sometimes we get so busy doing stuff, that we forget why we are doing it. Life is found in the why. Passion is found in the why. People are inspired and motivated by the WHY.

So, why did I get up this morning? Because I believe in people and our future. I believe God can transform us and that we can transform our world. I believe that people are the world’s richest resource and that if we can connect those people into community then, together, we can achieve a brighter tomorrow.

Bless you!

Ps: Hi and nice to meet you!

To all those who I have met this week, thanks for making me feel welcome and I look forward to catching up with everyone else in the near future!