What will last

In my devotions this week I was asked (along with anyone else doing this world-wide devotion): “What are you doing now that will outlive you?”

What a great question. So, being a good boy and taking the extra time to reflect on my devotional and not just tick and flick my time with God, I stopped and thought about it. The key point is, what am I doing, and not, what do I have or own?

What am I doing? Well, everything I did in my Telecom (Telstra) days is gone. Even the name has changed. My big computer, with its own language, has gone the way of Latin. My time as a bricklayer/builder’s labourer may still be going, but who wants to look at a wall I built?

What am I doing that will last after I am gone?

There are, in fact, lots of good answers. Most of them are not worked on enough due to a lack of time, or bad use of time, or because I do not consider them enough of a priority. Let’s stop for a moment and see what the Lord is wanting us to do.

Lord, what is one thing you would like me to do this week?

May you walk close enough to Jesus that you may be covered in His dust.

God bless,
Pastor Dony Johnson