Real leadership

How effective are the leaders in your life? Who have been the good leaders, and who have been not-so-good? What styles work for you? What styles don’t?

Through each week in the news we are greeted with various leadership styles. There’s the dogged determination of Teresa May in the UK, the confidence and assertiveness of Trump in the US and of course the ‘everyday bloke’ ScoMo here in Australia.

Jesus’ leadership style was, not surprisingly, very different to all of these people. And the best part about Jesus’ leadership style was, you don’t need to be a certain personality type to practice it. Jesus invites us all to lead others in a life of faith with him.

As we explore John 13 this morning, I pray that we can better understand real leadership, follow his example, and lead others into a life with Jesus.


PS:  Last week I spoke on John 14, where Jesus says he will give us anything we ask, when we ask in his name.  Asking in Jesus’ name means they are prayers that are consistent with his life and ministry.  Here are five examples of things we can ask for, that Jesus will always give us:

Forgive me
Reveal more of yourself to me
Give me wisdom
Give me the strength to do what is right
May your kingdom come

Let’s ask Jesus for these things this week, and know we will receive them.

Featured image from a painting by Albert Edelfelt, Jesus tvår lärjungarnas fötter (Jesus Washing the Feet of his Disciples), 1898, 
National Museum, Stockholm (Photo: Bodil Karlsson), public domain