Be Love, End Poverty

Amrit* is a Rohingya refugee who, at 18, fled his home in Myanmar when his village was attacked. Amrit lost everything – his home, his country, his security, and those he loved. Several in his family were shot and killed as they made their way to Bangladesh.

It took seven days to walk to the Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Bangladesh. With assistance from Baptist World Aid, Amrit and his family survived on emergency food and supplies from field workers, living under a single makeshift tarp.

Amrit was traumatised by the memories of loved ones who had been killed while they were on the run and became severely depressed. Christian partners in the field team were able to visit Amrit and help him begin the process of healing from trauma, sharing his experiences with trained staff and joining a support group for traumatised young men, and a soccer team set up to encourage community building and further healing.

‘Slowly, Amrit’s beginning to engage in other activities and lead a normal life again. Amrit says he had no peace in his mind before. Now it’s such a joy to see the despair in his eyes disappearing day by day.

“I will never forget your support,” he says.’

(Story and featured image from You’re healing the hearts of traumatised Rohingya Refugee Children, Baptist World Aid, retrieved 9 August 2019,

With love we can end poverty. Love equals Action, and you can act. Sunday 11 August is ‘Be Love’ Sunday. Sponsor a child, give to an appeal, make the choice to switch to thoughtful, ethical shopping, and stand up against the exploitation and oppression of the vulnerable.

Be open, be vocal, be generous, be fair, be prayerful. Be Love.

(*Not his real name)

Who is Baptist World Aid?

What would become Baptist World Aid was begun in 1959 by a group of volunteers out of response to suffering caused by World War II. Providing disaster relief – shelter, clothing, food, financial assistance – to refugees, ordinary Christians “gave of themselves to be love so they could held end extreme poverty.” (Our Story, Baptist World Aid Australia, retrieved 9 August 2019,

Today the work of Baptist World Aid’s focus is on children, and a large part of the work they do is through their child sponsorship program, where sponsorship funds are used to empower parents to increase their income and support their whole family.

Baptist World Aid also offers emergency relief and disaster/crisis assistance, working with refugees and families to provide food, clothing, shelter and healthcare.

The Baptist World Advocacy Team speaks up against injustice and oppression, advocating against forced labour and, through their Ethical Fashion Guide encouraging and helping consumers buy clothing from manufacturers who protect, rather than exploit, their workers.

Visit their website today and see how you can help.