Be a voice of hope

This week, my family is hosting two exchange students from Japan.  It’s been an enjoyable experience so far, though some of the cultural differences take some getting used to.
The highlight for me so far, has been the way that our boys have been so welcoming to our visitors, and particularly the ease of which Elijah openly shared about his faith in Jesus, and the eternal hope he has in God.  This is a message which is not shared enough in Japan, where only 1% of the population profess christian faith.
May we all take advantage of every opportunity to tell the story of God, whether we be at home, at work, with our neighbours, in the oceanside community, on a mission trip to Malawi, or sharing with international students.  Let’s be a voice of hope to all these people.
The world could use a little more hope, and hope in Jesus is the best kind.

Pastor Brendan Rule