God’s plan is not broken

8 November 2019

As we continue in our journey with the Jesse Tree series we come to the book of Isaiah. Now, I have just finished reading Isaiah in my devotion times, and it is an interesting book. It’s a book full of tough words, and not-so-gentle rebukes. You would think the people of Israel had lost their way; that the GPS was broken, and they had gone off track or, at the very least, made some incredibly bad choices.

However, we know that God’s plan of salvation is not broken, and He is always on the job looking for the lost, the hurt, the broken and the least of these.

Just a quick side-track re the least of these: over 50% of Malawi lives below the poverty line with 25% living in dire poverty. The Yawo are in this 25% – they are certainly ‘the least of these’. God is at work, and He sends people like Isaiah to share His word, and help them in their decision making.

On our journey, let us make wise choices; let us follow God’s plan of salvation.

Only Jesus,