Spotlight on remote communities

Mission Aviation Fellowship: ‘Sharing God’s love through aviation and technology’

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) serves isolated people in remote communities in 24 countries world-wide, by using aircraft to bring in essentials, medical care, emergency food and Christian hope.

“Our purpose is to deliver practical and spiritual care to people in places of deepest human need. Every four and a half minutes, a MAF plane takes off or lands somewhere in the world. These flights enable crucial work by many aid and development agencies, missions, local churches and other national groups.” (Who we are – MAF Australia, retrieved 17 May 2019,

Mission Aviation Fellowship provides flight services for 2,000 aid, development, and mission organisations in areas which mountains, jungles, swamps, civil unrest, or even a basic lack of adequate road-infrastructure, make too dangerous or time-consuming to reach by any other means. Basic medical care and evacuations, schools, clean water, emergency aid, outreach with the Good News are some of the areas which rely on the services of MAF.

Previously working with CRMF in PNG, Dan and Shannon Perrett and their daughters now serve with MAF in Mareeba, at their maintenance facility and training centre. Dan has almost completed his training as an Avionics Engineer and will soon be available to assist in other MAF centres, and Shannon works as the MAF Mareeba Finance Officer. KawanaLife have been part of Dan and Shannon’s support team for a number of years.

Pray for Dan and Shannon and their family as they serve with this vital mission. You can follow them on Facebook to get regular updates.

Featured image 'MAF-8879' by Melody Warford used under CC Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license Downloaded from Flikr.