When He offers another chance

Last week, we saw two disciples walking on the road to Emmaus who had a stranger to share their journey. It was incredible that they did not know who it was who walked with them, not until they had their eyes opened.

This week we are again with the disciples in the upper room. Just as the two from the Emmaus incident have arrived to share the good news, Jesus enters the space and opens all their eyes, in a very real encounter. I imagine it was not one they were expecting. Do we expect Jesus to ‘show up’?

Last week I was at the QB Conference. Now, I often go; it is something that is good to go to and yes, a bit of a thing that you do. Yes, there are expectations of an Area Pastor to make appearances. Then God opens my mind to what is going on in me and shows me some stuff I am walking through – a total surprise to me! Now, it was probably 100% obvious to some people who walk this life with me, but to me, I thought I was doing ‘ok’. It has been a tough 12 months but hey, I am ‘ok’. An offer was given for prayer and I jumped at the chance. Jesus met me and gave me His peace.

This Sunday, I believe God will, again, give us all a chance. Will we respond, or say, “No thanks, I am ‘ok’”?

God bless.

Only Jesus,