Peace for a Change

16 December 2021

This week we continue in the Crossover series ‘Good News for a Change’. This week we are looking at PEACE.

• Jesus brings peace even in the midst of conflict and hostility because his peace is not dependant on circumstances but on hope and trust in him.
• Jesus will return to bring worldwide and universal peace and will judge those who have prevented or worked against peace. Our ultimate destination is a new heaven and new earth, ruled in perfect peace, by a King who brings about his subjects’ good.

The King’s children are called to announce peace to others

• Peace now is not only something we have, but something we are called to share with others.

How can we actively work towards peace in our world (examples)? Who in your life do you need to share his peace with?

Do you know God’s peace? Will you work for peace?

God bless.

Only Jesus,