Operation Christmas Child

Each year Operation Christmas Child takes your gifts of love, in the form of gift-filled shoeboxes, to children in developing nations all around the world, sharing the love of Jesus with them. Each year KawanaLife contributes dozens of boxes, and we would love to give more than ever in 2022.

Collect a shoebox from the table near the foyer, and fill it with special gifts for a child in the age-range of your choice.

When filling your box, include something from each of the 6 categories:

  • Something to wear
  • Something to play with
  • Something for school
  • Something to love
  • Something special
  • Something for personal hygiene

If you’re not sure or have any other questions, check out the Operation Christian Child website.

Handmade items such as toys, cloth bags, etc. make great gifts as part of the shoebox, so if you are “handy” or “crafty”, make those and bring them along. Remember, they have to be the right size to fit into a shoebox with five other items!

Sending each box costs about $10, so cash donations towards this expense are a great help.

Shoeboxes can be returned to the Greenhouse on Sunday 2, Sunday 9 or Sunday 16 October, ready to be taken to the distribution centre and sent on their way.