Spotlight on Thailand – Muana and Villy

The population of Thailand is nearly 70 million. Although Christianity has spread among Thailand’s minority peoples, it is yet to fully impact the 52 million ethnically Thai people, who make up the majority of the population. The main societal challenges facing the Ethnic Thai, most of whom identify as Buddhist, are globalisation, urbanisation and influences from alternative spiritualities.

KawanaLife support Muana and Villy, and their daughters Yindii, Zoe and Libi. Muana and Villy have been part of the team in Thailand since 2001, teaching English in government schools and programmes.

They share in the lives of the local community, building relationships, opening their home, taking every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus. They disciple believers to become faithful witnesses within their own communities, and seek to identify, equip and empower future leaders.

“Our intention is to help develop a distinctively Thai faith community, which draws primarily on the richness of the Ethnic Thai culture, language and worldview to honour and serve Jesus. Life is a journey and we delight in seeing people choose Christ as their guide and companion.” (Global Interaction, retrieved 6 April, 2018.)

Muana also provides support and guidance to new staff in the language learning program and serves the Global Interaction Thailand cross-cultural team as their Leader.

Pray that Muana and Villy will be able to continue to inspire and empower new believers to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus and for the home fellowship groups that Muana and Villy support. Pray that the ethnic people of Thailand will come to understand the love of Jesus Christ in ways that are meaningful to them, and pray for wisdom for the team members as they take opportunities to share the Gospel.