KYB (Know Your Bible)

The KawanaLife Know Your Bible (KYB) ladies’ group meets every week during school terms, to enjoy the study of God’s Word, fellowship, and morning tea.

KYB studies are designed to help women, through personal study and group sharing, to know God’s Word and its message for today.

Each year four books, or topics, are studied in depth. The studies are inclusive for all levels of understanding God’s Word.

KYB ladies engage with the Bible passage through answering daily questions at home, with printed notes for each study, and in group discussion facilitated by a leader.

There’s something special about women meeting around God’s Word and praying together for one another and their families.

For more information visit the CWCI Australia website.

For information about the KawanaLife KYB group, have a chat with Pamela, or contact the KawanaLife office.