Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do you have Services?
A: Our service times can be found here, or for more information view our calendar.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Our physical home is called ‘The Greenhouse’. Details can be found on our Contact page.

Q: What denomination are you part of?
A: KawanaLife is a member of Queensland Baptists, and we are also known as KawanaLife Baptist Church.

Q: What are the core beliefs and practices of KawanaLife?
A: There are several beliefs that are fundamental to how KawanaLife functions. They can be found in our Constitution which is available to view here.

Q: Who is the Leader of KawanaLife?
A: Our first priority is always to endeavour to have the Trinity, that is The Heavenly Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit as the head of our church. Whether in following the example of Jesus given to us in the Bible, or by praying and seeking input, it is always our aim to follow the lead of God. After that, we have a Leadership Team and Pastors and Staff. Our Senior Pastor for over 10 years now is Dony Johnson. For more information about our operational structure, please view our Constitution.