Hear the call

Following Jesus is incredibly easy and yet amazingly complicated. The book of Acts is filled with incredible stories about the early followers of Jesus, and the impact they made on our world.

Why were they as they are, while we are as we are? We have the Bible – actually we have it in about 101 ways! We have a huge range of Bible versions (I cannot imagine anyone today finding a version that isn’t easy for them to read, and the variety of Study Bibles is amazing); we also have so many books on prayer and discipleship, and helps from apps and online libraries, etc., everything the modern follower of Jesus needs. We certainly have the same Holy Spirit filling us, and working through us. So what is the difference?

I am very excited at the journey we will go on this month, exploring some of the prayers of the early church, and the impact of those prayers.

My hope is that we will, once again, all hear the call to prayer that is needed in our own lives, and in our church, our community, and our nation. That it will be as in the days before the revival in Wales; in the days before the “Great Awakening”; in all the days where people have been desperate for Almighty God to work in the lives of their loved ones… like today.

God bless you,

Pastor Dony Johnson