A Tale of Two Churches

Once upon a time, there were two churches. One church was in a place where God had done so many great things; it was also in a place where people had done a lot of terrible things. However if you wanted to belong to any church this was the one. It had people who had walked with Jesus, been taught, and discipled, by Jesus. The other church was in an up and coming area. It had no great history or heritage, and it was a real mixed bag of people. Yeah, they were okay, but they had no great lineage. They didn’t have anyone who was one of the twelve. To be honest, this church didn’t have too much going for it.

Did they both live happily ever after?

What happens in these two churches is amazing, and can very easily speak to us all today. In our neighbourhood there are people who do not know who Jesus is. Many have no idea about what He can do for them, how much He loves them.

In the 1950s 44% of Australians went to church regularly, today more like 12-15% (depending on what stats you read) attend monthly. How are we going to connect to the lost, the prodigals, the ones Jesus call us to reach? They are not knocking down our door.

“Once upon a time KawanaLife was in a place…”  Do we live happily ever after?

Today and every day,  may you know God’s all surpassing love, to the point of overflow, so your community – our community – may see and experience God’s love.

God bless,
Pastor Dony Johnson

Featured image: An early Christian ichthys symbol carved into some marble in the ruins of Ephesus, Turkey. Image attribution: Rob Williams, downloaded from Flikr. Used under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).