Christmas series – Shepherds

To help set the scene, imagine ….

… the frost of forty winters had etched deep lines into the shepherd’s face. Having spent his entire life outdoors on the hills outside Bethlehem, he was old at forty — and cold. The hillside where he sat this day was cold, too, and he pulled his mantle close about him to block the wind.

Every so often he would shift position, not so much out of discomfort, but from a sense of unease, anxiety, crowdedness. Instead of hundreds of sheep with whom he felt quite at home, this hillside was flocked with people — thousands of them — listening attentively to the Teacher. They could hear him fairly well, except when the wind whisked away his words.

Today, in his own words, Tobias Abdon will tell you his story, and how the Jesus from the Christmas story impacted his life. He will even go a step further, to how Jesus again got his attention and brought about an amazing transformation.

God bless, and I hope you enjoy our time in the Christmas Story.

Only Jesus,
Pastor Dony Johnson