Wrestling with God

Last week during the worship service we considered what it meant to walk with God.  Many people in the Bible walked with God, and have incredible stories that inspire us to do the same.

But what about ‘wrestling with God’?  What does it mean to ‘wrestle with God’?  It’s very different to ‘walking with God’; it’s not necessarily something we want to aspire to.

The story of Jacob in the book of Genesis is the story of a man who ‘wrestled with God’.  His story is not as straightforward as those who simply ‘walked with God’, but the way that he encountered God was no less powerful.  As we consider, this week, what it means to ‘wrestle with God’, let’s be open to the different ways that God meets with us, both in the good times and the bad, and let’s be aware of the ways that He is wanting to stretch us, and to help us to become all we can be in Him.

God bless,

Feature image - Eugène Delacroix: study for 'Jacob Wrestling with the Angel', 1850-1856, in the public domain.