Be an adoring spectator

17 July 2020

Today I would like to share something from Angus Buchan:

I want to be an adoring spectator. I want to stand back and watch what the Spirit is doing through God’s children. Just as I am looking at the windmill on my farm turned by a gust of wind, I want to watch what the Holy Spirit does in God’s world. It is awesome. We cannot even comprehend the things that God has got prepared for those who love Him.

You received the gift of the Holy Spirit when you repented and became a child of God. Ask His Spirit today and every day to work through you so that you can be a channel of God’s love, mercy and grace to others. You will be an adoring and amazed spectator.

Dear Lord, fill me today with the power, the dynamite, of Your Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, I welcome You in my life. Inspire me to serve Jesus Christ with all my heart. Amen

The Power of the Holy Spirit: 7 day reading plan by Angus Buchan, You Version, retrieved 17 July 2020,

Only Jesus,