To be a true family of God

23 October 2020

Genesis 1 tells us that humans were created in the image of God.  God has revealed himself as a three-in-one trinity of loving relationship.  Therefore, humans have a deep longing to live in community.

Unfortunately, that desire for community can often cause people to engage in tribalism, where they band together with like-minded people, and shun those that are ‘other’.  We see this played out all through human history from ancient times until today.

In the book of Romans, Paul writes a letter to a church made up of two factions; ‘the weak’ and ‘the strong’.  Paul’s message is that rather than ‘quarrelling over disputable matters’ (14:1), the church should treat each other as brothers and sisters (14:10).

May we, as the church in Kawana, be a true family of God, known by love.