Pastor’s Pen – Going over the falls

Have you ever tried something and failed completely? Sometimes when I’m learning things I make huge mistakes; sometimes when I know better I can make the same mistakes! In surfing, one of my very first mistakes was “going over the falls”. To be fair, I was learning and my teacher told me to paddle onto the wave, only for him to yell out (too late for me) “NO!” Over the falls I went and was unceremoniously dumped! “Going over the falls” is generally not a fun thing,  yet I am always getting into the wrong place on the wave, and getting dumped.

Stepping out in faith can be awesome and incredible, however it can also be full of learning, and we can get it all wrong – our timing can be out and we can end up in trouble. Thanks be to Jesus, who is always there for you and me, to pick us up, to encourage us, and to help us take that very next step.

I must admit there are times when after a “wipeout” I have thought ‘no more, I’ll do something else,’ but the Lord always encourages me out of my grumps and dumps to go again.

Join me in 2018 as we step out in faith.

God bless,


Pastor Dony Johnson