Open Doors

Open Doors is an incredible ministry impacting some of the most vulnerable people on earth. The gospel is being shared across countries and across cultures. Some of the stories are incredible. For example:

  • in a small African country, 30 people are being trained to follow Jesus and to share the gospel. Now, when you understand that there are only 100 Christian in that country, that is amazing.
  • 30% of all conversions among Muslims are the result of dreams and visions of people meeting the man dressed in white (Jesus). That backs up Tim’s story from Malawi. Amazing.

Muslims are entering into Ramadan, so now might be a good time to cry out to the Lord so that more Muslims will meet Jesus.

Open Doors a great Ministry. Open Doors is a great opportunity to see lives transformed.

God bless you as you walk each day with Jesus,

Pastor Dony Johnson