Pack a Shoebox

Each year Operation Christmas Child takes your gifts of love, in the form of gift-filled shoeboxes, to children in developing nations all around the world, sharing the love of Jesus with them; KawanaLife has a goal this year to contribute at least 100 of these boxes.

Our Shoebox packing day is this Saturday, and the final day to drop off shoeboxes you have filled yourself is Sunday 28 October.

When filling your box, include something from each of the 6 categories:

  • Something to wear
  • Something to play with
  • Something for school
  • Something to love
  • Something special
  • Something for personal hygiene

If you’re not sure or have any other questions, check out the Operation Christian Child website.

If you’re not able to fill a whole shoebox, drop off any items in those categories which you have collected by 20 October, and they’ll all make it into a box.

Handmade items such as toys, cloth bags, etc. make great gifts as part of the shoebox, so if you are “handy” or “crafty”, make those and bring them along. Remember, they have to be the right size to fit into a shoebox with five other items!

This Saturday, 20th October, is our shoebox packing day. Come along between 9 and 11am to help us finish packing the boxes, ready to send.

Sending each box costs about $10, so cash donations towards this expense is a great help.