Christmas series – King Herod

The Christmas story is full of great characters. Mary and Joseph, the incredible, faithful parents; the lowly shepherds (one of them will be with us on the 16th); the wise men (at great expense, one will be our guest on the 23rd). So many great characters.

However, in every story there’s a villain. A bad guy. A guy who wears black. In the Christmas story, the villain is played by King Herod. He makes a pretty good bad guy – he cheats, he lies, and he kills, but what do we really know about him? Is he truly the bad guy?

Is there a “King Herod” within us? Do we find ourselves with areas of fear or pride, or the desire to be looked up to and worshipped? Are we committed more to our career than to God’s call on our life? Could King Herod have done something different, or was he cast in this role? Can we do something different to let God in this Christmas?

Don’t let the things of this world take your soul so that you miss out on eternal life.

Only Jesus.

Pastor Dony Johnson

Featured image: Kings on the central portal of the cathedral Notre-Dame in AmiensFrance. Portal of the Mother Gods, from left to right: the Queen of SabaKing SalomonKing Herod followed by the two magi from the Massacre of the Innocents. Image attribution: Florestan - Own work, downloaded from Wikimedia Commons. Used under CC BY 3.0,