We don’t need a superhero

Three Super Sundays, with super stories, super praise and worship, and superheros.

Do you (or did you) have a superhero? Who is/was it? I loved the Spiderman cartoons on TV! Now I’m amazed at how many superheros (and villains) there are out there.

This week we’re thinking about how every superhero needs a sidekick. Yep, no one can do it alone, we all need help. The amazing thing for you and me is that we don’t need a superhero, we have Jesus. Jesus, who laid down His life so we could live. Jesus, who will walk with us each and every day. Jesus, who will never leave us or forsake us. Jesus, the Lord of Lords, who loves you and me.

Yes, we all need a little help (or in my case, a lot of help). So let’s turn to Jesus each day and allow Him to help us on our journey.

God bless.

Only Jesus,
Pastor Dony Johnson