Daily bread

13 September, 2019

What we know as the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ (some believe it should be called the ‘Disciple’s Prayer’) has this line, “Give us this day our daily bread”. How often do we truly pray that, and mean it? How often do we need daily bread?

Note, again Jesus’ teaching is plural; it is about community. The line is not, “Give ME this day MY daily Bread”.

When we pray ‘our’ and ‘us’, we state loudly and clearly that we are a part of a greater and wider community, one that is bigger than we truly know or understand. We may not need to pray this line with much passion or desperation, but there are those who do, and their need is great. Do we step in at this time, and stand in the gap and, where we are able, become the answer to the prayer? Yes! We can be the Lord’s hands and feet in His Kingdom, and bring His will into being by our actions.

This week, as we celebrate in the comfort and peace of our wealth and prosperity, may we pray “Give US this day OUR daily bread.”

God bless you heaps, join us on the incredible journey that is Prayer.

Only Jesus,
Pastor Dony Johnson