Bringing love … and coffee

We are the Church, the Greenhouse is the building, and we are to go and make disciples and share the Kingdom of God wherever we are.

For the last  18 months or so, we have had the awesome and amazing opportunity to be a part of Coffee Chaplains in the Mental Health Ward of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

I’m on the team and I can tell you, from seeing them get ready every Tuesday and Thursday morning, that this is one incredible time.

I want to say a huge “thank you” to the Church of Christ for letting us be part of this ministry. I want to thank John and Annette for coordinating and leading the team. I know the staff at the hospital appreciate them coming in, and I know the people they serve love getting a coffee and then sitting down, talking with a team member. I don’t know how many times I can get left at the machine as everyone else chats to people.

This ministry is an excellent way for us to be the Church; to bring faith, hope, and love to an area of our community which so desperately needs it. To all involved, thank you. To our awesome God, who has opened this door, thank you.

In the words of Adrian Plass, “God is nice and He likes me.” That’s all of us, everywhere.

God bless
Pastor Dony Johnson