The challenge is clear

I have heard it said, in fact I have said it myself, that our community would be a better place if we would just follow the ten commandments. However although this may be true, Jesus takes the ten commandments and other ‘laws’ and brings an even greater understanding. In Matthew chapter 5, Jesus says, “You have heard it said…” and the people would have heard that 100 times. He goes on to say “BUT I tell you…”

Jesus raises the bar. Why?

One understanding is that Jesus came to bring about the Father’s Kingdom. For example, he often said “Behold the Kingdom of God is like …” Jesus wanted us to understand that we are not of this world, we are not to be conformed to this world, we are to be in it but not of it, we are light in the darkness, awake and not asleep, sober and not drunk. We are different, and we are to be different, and to live differently.

The challenge is clear, we are called to be different.

Only Jesus,
Pastor Dony Johnson