That was Friday…

Welcome to a great time to celebrate the death and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Easter is indeed a unique time. In one day, you are hearing this:

  • Jesus betrayed by a close disciple;
  • Jesus abandoned by the rest of the disciples;
  • Jesus found guilty in an illegal court with trumped up charges and witnesses not able to be on the same page, let alone tell the truth;
  • Jesus beaten, whipped and mocked;
  • Jesus crucified, then laid in an empty tomb.

As has been said before, that was Friday, but Sunday is a-coming!

On that Sunday, the tomb is empty, the stone has been rolled away. Jesus is alive and the words “He is RISEN” are said for the very first time…. amazing contrast, amazing difference, just AMAZING.

This Easter, we at KawanaLife pray that you may know the goodness, the grace, the forgiveness, and the love of God.

God bless.

Only Jesus,
Pastor Dony Johnson