Our Vision

We want to become a dynamic church community, through prayer empowered by the Holy Spirit, who are:

  • authentic, friendly people whose ministry and lifestyle are a positive force within our community
  • searching God’s word regularly to know Him and understand His will and ways
  • preaching and sharing the gospel message
  • equipping and supporting leaders for local and global mission
  • impacting our community through evangelism, planting multiple congregations and providing practical Christian care
  • giving sacrificially of our talents and resources for our ministry

Here at KawanaLife, the Bible is our primary source when it comes to the things of God, and the standard by which we compare any source of theology. 2 Timothy 3:16 says “all scripture is God-breathed”. It is my hope and prayer that we all continue to immerse ourselves in the Word of God, and as a result, are able to know God more and more.

Pastor Brendan Rule