The promise of a new day

This week, I’d simply like to share an excerpt from the devotional, 1 Peter: an 8 day devotional journey:

“Dawn is the breaking of a new day. It’s the promise fulfilled. It’s the beauty in a new start. The Bible promises us this glorious new day, but what about now? What about the in-between, when we feel shrouded in darkness? The days filled with brokeness and heartache? What do we do while we wait for this new day that can feel so far away?

Just as you can’t stop the dawn from coming, Peter shows us the unbelievable, inexpressible, wonders of Jesus coming. Not only in this world, but also into your circumstance if you invite Him in.”

YouVersion devotional 1 Peter: an 8 day devotional journey by Levi Lusko, Fresh Life Church