The God who sees you

18 February 2022

Have you ever felt invisible? Like nobody could see you? In our world today, with loneliness on the increase, it seems that many people feel invisible.

The book of Genesis tells the story of Hagar, who was a slave, and invisible to those around her. She was never referred to by name, only as “the slave”. When she was mistreated harshly, she (unsurprisingly) ran away.

But God finds Hagar, and with one word, declares her visible. He calls her by name… “Hagar”. God pronounces blessing over her life, (although it will be a hard life) and gives her a path to walk.

If you feel invisible today, may you know that God sees you, pronounces blessing over your life, and gives you a path to walk. In the words of Hagar, he is “The God who sees me”.