Meet Lydia

13 May 2022

This week we are looking at Acts 16:13-15, where we meet Lydia. Who is this lady?

Lydia of Philippi

CEO of Luxury Textiles, manufacturing luxury purple dye and cloth for the 1st century’s elite. Philippi, Macedonia, Europe.


  • First Christian in Europe 
  • Cofounder, host and benefactor of the Philippian church  
  • Exporter/importer of luxury trade goods 


  • Certificate of conversion and baptism through the apostle Paul

Volunteer Experience 

  • Hosted weekly prayer meetings 

Skills and Endorsements 

  • Effective church planter — the apostle Paul
  • Persuasive business leader — Timothy 
  • Influential businesswoman

Do you want to know more? I’ll see you on Sunday!

Only Jesus,

Featured image: This mosaic at Ostia Antica gives a glimpse of what a wealthy woman of Roman times, such as Lydia is said to have been, would have looked like.