Destiny Rescue

So far during this May Mission Month, we’ve learned about the work of Police Chaplaincy and Sports Chaplaincy, which are both vital local missions we are involved in.

Our final Mission spotlight for the month is on the phenomenal work of Destiny Rescue, an organisation with an international reach.

So, who is Destiny Rescue?

Their mission is to ‘rescue children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking and help them stay free. We operate rescue, reintegration and prevention programs in multiple countries, and raise funds and awareness in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

‘Human trafficking is today one of the top global crises in our world. According to the International Labour Organization, over a million children are trapped in the darkness of sex trafficking and exploitation. By amplifying their voices, we can bring hope and freedom to the next child waiting for rescue.’

Please head over to their website if you would like to learn more about their heartbreakingly important work.

You thought we lived in a non-slave era, didn’t you? But alas we do not. So how can we help? How can we make a difference?

We pray that, this Sunday, you will see a glimpse of that as we hear from Destiny Rescue, and catch their heart and vision.