Mission Month

May is Mission Month. It’s always a great time to reconnect with some awesome stories about what God is doing. Andrew started us off early, with a thought-provoking challenge, starting with the call on Abraham, right through to the book of Revelation. We are indeed “blessed to be a blessing.”

On 6 May we’ll hear from Mark Green, the Chaplain from Kawana Waters State College. I’m 100% sure it will be very good!

On 13 May, we’ll hear about some of the most significant missionaries, and their 100% commitment to the call… yes, our Mums.

On 20 May, we have Nathan Harding from Open Doors with us, and I’m sure that will be incredible.

On 27 May, Nerilee Sowter from Destiny Rescue will be leading us through what is happening, and telling us some challenging stories.

What a month!!!

But, you know, every day is Mission Day, don’t you? God has called us to GO out into the harvest field and bring in the harvest. We are thankful for these special guests, and for all God is doing, and we pray He will continue to do extraordinary things, but we are on call every day. It’s time for us to see our God doing extraordinary things in and through us.

God bless,

Pastor Dony Johnson