Aboriginal Sunday

20 January 2022

In 1932, the Rev. E.R. Gribble wrote a letter to the Ministry of the Interior, concerned about the plight of the ‘Aboriginal’ people he worked with.

“On January 26, 1938, Aboriginal leaders, including William Cooper, met for a Day of Mourning, seeking equality and full citizenship.

The Australian Churches were then asked to set aside the Sunday before January 26 as Aboriginal Sunday (previously called Aborigines’ Day), a day for Christians to act in solidarity with Aboriginal peoples and the injustices being experienced.

The first Aboriginal Sunday is suggested as occurring in 1941, although was referenced in a letter from William Cooper to John McEwen, the Minister for the Interior dated 19 January, 1938, and also referenced in the Herald (Melbourne) newspaper on 18 January, 1939.” (Aboriginal Sunday, Common Grace, retrieved 20 January, 2022)

The Common Grace Movement is a group which encourages individual congregations to reclaim William Cooper’s Aboriginal Sunday.

This week, we will be reflective and prayerful re this call to prayer.

Only Jesus,