Ready for a long walk?

As we continue our journey through Romans backwards, we keep looking at the big questions for the church in Rome; even though it was some 2000 years ago, we still seem to be struggling with similar issues.

It is indeed good to contemplate the deeper heart issues.

It is good to be reminded again that, no matter how much we know or how long our tradition is, at the end the answer is, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

It is indeed very good to know that, whatever the circumstances may be – a broken relationship, a wrong understanding, unforgiveness, fear, or even any of the 101 sins in our community that could be assailing us – we have Jesus; to know that we can become more like Him every day, as we walk with Him.

Ready for a long walk? All the way to the finish line?

God bless.

Only Jesus,